Khirbet al-Batrawy
Rome "La Sapienza" University has been working in Jordan since 1992, with a series of archaeological surveys focused on Wadi al-Yabis and Wadi Zarqa. Such explorative activity allowed the identification of more than 300 previously unknown sites, with a chronological span ranging from the Prehistory to the Islamic Period. A major aim of the expedition of the 90ties was the safeguard of archaeological sites, and the director of the expedition at that time, Dr Gaetano Palumbo, also was the author of the catalogue of archaeological sites of Jordan called JADIS (Jordan Archaeological Databank & Information System), still a fundamental tool in the management and protection of the Country archaeological heritage. In years 1996-1999 research was focused on Wadi Zarqa, one of the few perennial rivers of the region, and area deemed very interesting because bridging between the Jordan Valley and the Black Desert of Northern Jordan. In year 2005 "La Sapienza" Expedition to Jordan has resumed its activity, thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair, with with a systematic excavation campaign of a very promising previously unexplored site, Khirbet al-Batrawy, which proved to be a walled town of the Early Bronze Age (2900-2000 BC).
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